Rental Conditions

The client guarantees that any person acting as a representative of his company has the express capacity to accept the contract conditions of this agreement and that Moviesur Iluminación Cinematográfica, S.L., understands it.

  1. PAYMENT METHODS. Payment can be made by transfer or by bank card at the facilities of Moviesur Iluminación Cinematográfica, S.L.
  2. CANCELLATIONS. The reservation options must be confirmed or canceled at least 48 hours before the date of production. Reservations that are not subject to this condition will be canceled. The options confirmed and canceled in less than 48 hours will have a 50% charge, and if it is less than 24 hours it will be 100%.
  3. RENTAL PERIOD. The minimum rental period is one day. The pick-up or delivery schedule will be from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, weekdays (other times consult). Material that exceeds the agreed rental period will be charged for corresponding days.
  4. RESPONSIBILITY. The material will be reviewed upon departure and entry by the client and Moviesur Iluminación Cinematografía, S.L. It will be verified that all the material is budgeted and in correct condition; if not, it must be notified at the same time and left reflected in the delivery note. Once the rented material leaves the premises of Moviesur Iluminación Cinematográfica, S.L. It will be the total responsibility of the client. In case of loss, theft or negligence, the client will be responsible for paying Moviesur Iluminación Cinematografía, S.L. 100% of the market value of the material and the rental costs lost until the new material is received. In case of breakage or damage, the client will pay Moviesur Iluminación Cinematográfica, S.L. Repair costs If the material has no arrangement, the client must pay Moviesur Iluminación Cinematográfica, S.L. 100% of the market value of the material. Moviesur Iluminación Cinematográfica, S.L. It is not responsible for failures caused by improper or incorrect use of the equipment, as well as any direct or indirect damage arising from it. In the event of any failure in the material that is not a result of misuse Moviesur Iluminación Cinematográfica, S.L. It will try to solve the problem in the minimum possible time assuming the equipment replacement costs, but not the extra costs derived from the breakdown. In some cases the material must be accompanied by a technician.
    The minimum working day of the technician is 9 hours including a meal time. Diets and overtime are not included.