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Film Lighting Services & Tv

The Company

Moviesur is a professional services company dedicated to the rental of film and TV lighting equipment. Our more than 25 years of experience dedicated to providing lighting enables us to assess and accomplish the lighting for any production involving film, TV and advertising both in Andalusia and anywhere in Spain.

With solid infrastructure and a broad logistical framework, we can carry out any kind of project. We have forklift trucks, vans, as well as high-power generators. we successfully execute each project with great proficiency contributing all our resources, capacity of implication and operativity to the necessities of the production.

Being part of the MC Group with its central warehouse in Madrid and its support of technical equipment and professional, and its confirmed experience in more than 40 years as a lighting company for Film and TV. A solid commercial and professional network able to assume any project is of whatever nature being able to take on any project of whatever kind.

The best cinematographic lighting equipment

We offer our wide variety of state-of-the-art lighting equipment such as, Day Light, Led lighting, Fluorescence, Incandescence, robotics, helium balloons, etc ... With all kinds of projectors; M Series Arrimax, Hmi, Cinema Pair, Kino Flo,, Fresnel, Kit Jocker Bug Kit Pocket Par, Kit dedolights, Kit Rosco Panel, Kit Lite Panel Four Par, Cutting cannons and all kinds of devices needed for any project. With the main brands such as Kino Flo, Arri, K 5600, Desisti, Dedolight, Velvet, Felloni, Rosco panel, Lite Panel, ETC, Prolight, Futurlight, Airstar, StrandLighting, ADB, Ianiro, Cotelux, among other brands.

We also have indispensable machinist and grip material for any service with brands such as Avenger, Manfrotto, Ianiro, etc.

Finally, we offer the possibility of selling consumables such as camera tapes or gelatin for lighting projectors, among others, as official distributors of Cinetools and Rosco respectively.


Transport vehicles for any film shoot

Our transport vehicles ranging in size from 3 tons to 10 tons; and portable, soundproofed generators ranging from 800 W to 130 kW. These resources, together with our team and the coverage afforded by having facilities in Madrid, Seville and Malaga, make it possible to successfully execute the lighting for any production with significant savings and without added costs.

Qualified service in all our projects

Our team of technicians and specialists from the sector with extensive experience in feature films and advertising will be able to offer you all your experience for any shooting situation, generating ideas and developing projects tailored to the needs of the customer, with versatile designs and flexible, performance-maximizing solutions.

Our work defines us

During the latest years we have had the opportunity to evolve and collaborate with the increase of cinematographic production in our geography. There are constantly more productions that are convinced by the possibilities and advantages of shooting in Andalusia, being one of the places requested by the main national and international productions and in which we have participated directly or indirectly.